Convergys® Liquical Blood Gas, Electrolytes, Metabolites Analyzer based on Liquid Calibrators Medica 2013 Official Product Launch

Convergent Technologies is pleased to launch Convergys® liquical, a Fully Modular Platform for your Blood Gases, Electrolyte and metabolite test requirements.

  • 27 Test Parameters: pCO2, pO2, K+, Na+, Li+, Cl, Ca++, pH, Glu, Lac, tHb, Barometric Pressure, HCO3-A, HCO3-S, BE, BEecf (SBE), TCO2, BB, O2sat, O2CT, P50, AaDO2, Hct, H+, AGAP, SHUNT, Acid-base status
  • Up to 80 Tests / Hour Throughput and up to 32000 Test Measurements Memory
  • Fully flexible Backward and Forward Integration: Scale up as you go. Install additional test parameters in your existing analyzer as your business requirements grow. No need to buy additional analyzers.
  • Fully flexible calibration: Choose between Standard Economy calibration modes to keep your lab costs under check.
  • Fully flexible testing: Select the parameters you need to measure.
  • Modular Electrodes Design: For your low consumable costs. Change only the membrane, not the complete electrode!!
  • No reagent wastage. Economical pack sizes keeping on-board stability and your workload in mind.
  • Individually replaceable calibrator and rinse packs. Not a drop of reagent goes to waste.
  • Illuminated liquid flow path: Easier detection of any blockages or bubbles.

Convergys® liquical shall be displayed at Medica in Hall 3 Stand B45.