Convergys POC RT-PCR Launch for COVID-19

Convergent Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is pleased to announce the launch of Convergys® POC RT-PCR COVID-19 Detection Kit. The test kit is designed for the Convergys® POC RT-PCR device, a cartridge based standalone POCT system. The Convergys® POC RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Detection System is highly automated and takes care of the complete testing process, including nucleic acids extraction from patient samples. The required infrastructure, training requirements and hands-on time is minimal, reducing the workload as well as the exposure to infectious materials for the healthcare workers.

The system uses the established and highly sensitive real-time PCR technology to detect SARS-CoV-2 specific gene sequences. Results are available in less than 2 hours and are directly displayed on the device.

The COVID-19 test kit has been successfully tested in the field by the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology of the Academy of Military Medicine of China.