Convergys® POC RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Detection System


Convergys® POC RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Detection System

The Convergys® POC RT-PCR is a point-of-care system for the fully-automated detection of nucleic acid sequences through real-time PCR technology.
The system works with single-use cartridges, which are pre-filled with all required reagents and enzymes, and are included in the Convergys® POC PCR Detection Kits. The patient sample material is directly applied to the cartridge; no previous nucleotide extraction is necessary. All processes are fully-automated and the results are available within 2 hours.
The Detection Kits are available in many different configurations for the detection of pathogens of diseases like Dengue, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis or COVID-19.
The Convergys® POC RT-PCR system is designed to offer molecular diagnostics at maximum convenience with minimum labor.

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Main Features

  • Real-time PCR methodology
  • Results within 2 hours
  • Fully automated processing:
    • Sample extraction
    • Nucleic acid purification
    • Nucleic acid amplification
    • Data analysis
    • Report
  • Minimal hands‑on time
  • Reduced exposure to infectious material
  • Reduced risk of application errors
  • Direct application of sample material, no previous extraction required

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Detection Principle: Multiplex PCR, up to 5 Channels
  • Sample capacity: 4 independent samples
  • Block Temperature: 40 – 99°C
  • Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 1): FAM, SYBRGreen I
  • Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 2): HEX,VIC
  • Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 3): TAMRA,CY3
  • Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 4): TEX RED,ROX
  • Fluorochrome/dye (Channel 5): CY5
  • Fluorescence detection time: ≤ 5s
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi
  • User interface: 7” Color touch screen
  • Working conditions: 5 – 35°C; 0 – 70% RH; 0 – 3999 m altitude
  • Power requirement: AC100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
  • Dimensions and weight: 380 x 305 x 343 mm, 16 kg