New Software release for Convergys® X5 Software Version 1.5.1756

We are pleased to inform you that Convergent Techologies has developed a new SW
version for your Convergys® X5 five part diff analyzer which has many important new
Below we have listed that most significant

  • An option to measure pre-diluted samples which is particularly useful when it’s
    only possible to obtain a small volume patient sample. This mode can be
    activated by our distributor partners via the service level menu for specific enduser
    customers requiring this feature.
  • 2 new parameters have been added – a) P-LCC (Large platelet cell count) and
    b) P-LCR (Large platelet cell ratio). These 2 additional calculated parameters
    can be useful in certain patients with high platelet turnover associated with some
    clinical conditions. This now means that our 5 part diff analyzer now offers 26
  • It’s possible to read/load control blood values via barcode.
  • Scattergrams/histograms/QC measurements can now be sent to the LIS via
    Ethernet or USB-B.