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Latest News

New Software release for Convergys® X5 Software Version 1.5.1756

We are pleased to inform you that Convergent Techologies has developed a new SW version for your Convergys® X5 five part diff analyzer which has many important new features. Below we have listed that most significant An option to measure pre-diluted samples which is particularly useful when it’s only possible to obtain a small volume..


Change in Business Address Notification

Dear Business Partners, Please note our new business address effective 01.12.2013 as below: Convergent Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Ringstrasse 14 35091 Coelbe Germany  Tel: +49 6421 88699 48 Fax: +49 6421 88699 58 https://www.convergent-technologies.de info@convergent-technologies.de  Our telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Although we are trying our best to provide uninterrupted business services, there..


Convergys® POC HbA1c Medica 2013 Official Product Launch

Convergent Technologies is pleased to announce the official launch at Medica 2013 the launch of the Point-of-Care (POC) HbA1c analyzer. HbA1c is considered as a gold standard marker of glycemic control in diabetic patients. Convergys® HbA1c is a POC device for the physician’s office, a small clinic, mobile healthcare unit or any diabetic care facility...


Convergys® Liquical Blood Gas, Electrolytes, Metabolites Analyzer based on Liquid Calibrators Medica 2013 Official Product Launch

Convergent Technologies is pleased to launch Convergys® liquical, a Fully Modular Platform for your Blood Gases, Electrolyte and metabolite test requirements. 27 Test Parameters: pCO2, pO2, K+, Na+, Li+, Cl–, Ca++, pH, Glu, Lac, tHb, Barometric Pressure, HCO3-A, HCO3-S, BE, BEecf (SBE), TCO2, BB, O2sat, O2CT, P50, AaDO2, Hct, H+, AGAP, SHUNT, Acid-base status Up to 80..


Convergys® Urostar Urine Strips Analyzer Medica 2013 Official Product Launch

Convergent Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of Convergys® Urostar 100 urine strips analyzer. Convergys® Urostar  100 urine strip analyzerwith the “flex-time” feature is a creative and versatile urinalysis solution for a small to medium-size laboratory, a physician’s practice, a mobile ambulance and a Point of Care (POC) application as well. Main features: Reflectance photometer..


Convergys® Creatinine & Albumin Strips to detect Microalbuminuria with Convergys® Urostar Medica 2013 Official Product Launch

Convergent Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Convergys® system strips for urine analysis of creatinine and albumin for the detection of microalbuminurea. Convergys® Urostar Strips CM for the detection of Microalbuminuria Timely detection of microalbuminuria is extremely important to detect kidney disease (nephropathy) and other diabetes related complications. It is also a strong..